New Zealand's Farmers,

Feeding New Zealand's Families



Through our partnership with Miraka, NZ farmers are donating UHT milk which together, we package, and distribute throughout the Central Plateau and South Waikato. We’re giving more kiwis the chance to have a milk mo.

Make a cash donation

Make a cash donation

If you can’t donate milk, livestock, or produce, you can still join our mission. Click below to make a cash donation and help NZ families in need.

Have a Need?

Have a Need?

Are you an organisation feeding hungry New Zealanders? Click below to message us about your mission and how we can work together.

A Peek into our process


Talk to farmers and growers

Farmers are generous and caring community members, and they let us know how many litres of milk they'd like to donate towards feeding NZ families.



  1. The full value of the milk donation is converted into UHT milk, processed for free by Miraka, and packaged and freighted to community organisations in Central Plateau & South Waikato

Link the need

Feed Out staff speak with community organisations who feed vulnerable New Zealanders and we arrange the safe and regular delivery of our donated produce to them.


Deliver the goods

Through our distribution network, we deliver donations to key locations around the Central Plateau & South Waikato that can send out smaller quantities when our community organisations need it. We monitor to make sure our deliveries are timely and respond to changing demand from our food banks and organisations.


Share the results

Communicate with our partners, sponsors and donors the impact that our charity is making as regularly as we are able, via our website and email newsletter, as well as our social media platforms. We want to ensure that each and every donation reaches the families in need.

Are you a milk processor who wants to get involved?